While having a reputation for being a bit of a non-sense in town, Karick actually means well in what he does and is very passionate about achieving his dreams.



A well respected member of the Lakeside council. Aldus greets everyone with a smile and a ear to listen to their problems. 



A young widow who lost her husband in the war.  She can often be found sitting by her window with a distracted look in her eyes.



As the eldest of Tiela's two children, she is the brain behind the siblings' adventures around Lakeside.  While she is often irritated by her little brother Jaran, she loves him dearly and always watches out for him.



Full of curiosity, Jaran constantly forgets the task at hand. He is quickly distracted by everything
he sees. Oblivious to Jil's annoyance with him, he happily follows his big sister everywhere she directs them to go.



A mysterious stranger who washes up on the shore near lakeside.