Montia is ruled partially by a king and queen, and partially by a group of nobles.   The Montians love peace and are usually reluctant to go to war, which usually isnít a problem since they are so isolated.  Due to the incredibly mountainous terrain to the north, the ocean to the southwest, and towering cliffs to the southeast; only  northeast is open for land access from other countries.

A. River Leorna

The river leorna, which flows through the northern mountains, is one possible avenue of entry into Montia from the north, however, its many waterfalls and rapids make it exceedingly difficult, if not outright impossible.

B. Mt. Timbra

C. Lakeside

A small isolated village nearly completely surrounded by mountains and situated near a beautiful lake.  Its inhabitants are mostly older citizens who prefer a slower pace of life, far away from the busy cities. 

D. Sandiot

A busy port city.  It lies between the mountains to the north and the ocean to the south.  Its high walls completely block the path from east to west in order to control the influx of people and goods into the country.  Also, to the south east of the city begins towering cliffs which rise hundreds of feet above the ocean. 

E. Castle Montia

Named Brantador by the ancient kings of Montia, it is a castle carved from the mountains over centuries of toil and labor.  The nobility and monarchy rule the kingdom from this stronghold.  There are rumors that secret passages lead from the castle through the mountains to other remote locations around the continent, some many miles away.

F. Monteris

The capital city of the kingdom of Montia.  It ranks among the most populated cities on the continent.  As with most cities, there are people from all walks of life.  Rich people, poor people, people just trying to make a wage and get by in life.  Though not technologically advanced, the mountainous terrain and tall granite buildings make Monteris a spectacular sight. 

G. Tarenis



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